Commission Info

Status: OPEN! 


Payment: ONLY through PayPal. Payment will be taken in full prior to starting your commission. However, if you need to pay in two parts I’m sure we can work something out.

Completion Time: I aim to get work finished within 6 weeks. A half body sketch will likely take less time than a full body full colour commission. If you need a commission by a certain date please let me know. At least a weeks notice is required and there may be an additional charge for a rush commission.

Prices (digital):

Black & white sketch

  • Half body - £20 (extra character £5 each)
  • Full body- £25 (extra character £5 each)

Fully coloured & lined artwork

  • Bust/Headshot - £30
  • Half body - £35 (extra character £15 each)
  • Full body - £45 (extra character £15 each)

Detail work extra £5+ depending on complexity

Backgrounds £5+ depending on complexity

Traditional artwork, inked lines & basic marker shading w/minor colour highlights 

  • Headshot (A5) - £20
  • Half body/Bust (A4) - £35 (extra character £15 each)
  • Full body (A4) - £55 (extra character £15 each)

Shipping to UK is FREE. Shipping to everywhere else is flat £5. Alternatively, can be picked up from my next convention.

I reserve the right to refuse any work. I still retain the rights to the artwork, regardless of content, and can freely upload to any site I wish. I may feature the artwork in a portfolio, or artbook that may be sold for profit. If you are not okay with this please let me know in advance.

You have the right to repost the commissioned artwork to any site you wish, as long as I am credited somewhere. I would also appreciate it if you didn’t remove my signature. You have the right to print/make copies of the commissioned artwork but it is strictly not for commercial use.

Refunds are not available after the fact, as I will provide updates along the way; should you have any issue with the work you can mention so at the time.